Our law office has decided to tackle the issues of an aging population head-on. Practicing in Lethbridge since 1976, Randell Thiessen of Thiessen Law Group is well acquainted with the complexities and challenges that come with growing older. By creating a new department called Managed Estates, Thiessen Law Group is primed to spare Lethbridge residents from the headaches and financial pitfalls that can result from a lack of preparation.

"To a certain extent, we're exploring new territory with this department. We have come to a point where someone needs to address this changing demographic landscape. That is why we created the Managed Estates department. It's really all about getting yourself organized," said Randell Thiessen, Lawyer.

Thiessen Law Group is well aware of the unique, complicated issues that each senior faces. Some are coping with financial strain and the stresses of property management. Others are dealing with chronic medical conditions that limit their movement or comprehension, including Alzheimer's and dementia. Some seniors require assistance from professional caregivers, while others fret over vacation properties, transportation problems, and divorces - not to mention the delicate family affairs that can arise from all of these. One of the wisest moves you and your family can make is to engage professionals who can educate you on your available options.

Acting as a neutral third party in the management of assets and estate, Thiessen Law Group’s mandate is to focus on the client’s best interests. Through 35 years of experience, Mr. Thiessen has an established network of professional contacts and experts in place; accountants and tax specialists, financial institutions and agriculture organizations, property management and real estate agencies - even psychologists and medical specialists. By coordinating professional efforts, providing timely reports and ensuring bills are paid on time, family members can be reassured that issues are being organized and managed correctly – taking the stress off overworked or neglected individuals. With Thiessen Law Group on your side, there is no fear of assets falling through the cracks if disability or death occurs suddenly.

What the Managed Estates department is truly offering is peace of mind. By addressing the entire spectrum of needs that arise with aging, Thiessen clients can feel informed and enlightened; secure in the knowledge that their family's future is organized (the best one can). If this sounds like a service that would be appropriate for your family's needs, contact Thiessen Law Group to set up an initial assessment appointment.