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Wills & Estate Planning
Who Needs an Enduring Power of Attorney? PDF Print E-mail
All of us are vulnerable to conditions of physical or mental incapacity. It may occur gradually (often associated with disease) or suddenly from an injury or stroke. People who are no longer competent to make important decisions may face serious long term consequences due to reckless decision-making or the inability to make a decision.
Who Needs a Personal Directive? PDF Print E-mail

While an Enduring Power of Attorney will appoint an attorney to manage your financial affairs, it does not deal with decisions of a personal nature. A Personal Directive allows you to appoint an agent to make personal care decisions, which would include any and all matters dealing with health and general welfare and extend to issues regarding accommodation, nutrition, personal hygiene and physical safety.

Who Needs a Will? PDF Print E-mail

When death occurs, it is too late to plan your estate. A Will is a legal document that determines who will control your estate after your death, identifies who will act as guardian for your children and ensures that your beneficiaries will share in your estate according to your wishes.