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The Lawyer – Randell L. Thiessen

Growing up in Southern Alberta, Randy has experienced first hand the issues related to living on farms, small towns and of course the City of Lethbridge.  Having graduated from the University of Alberta in 1976, Randy has been practising law in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta for over 40 years and has developed a keen interest in the “solicitor” side of a legal practise.  Real estate, private corporations and of course the related area of estate planning has been his focus for some time.  As he describes it “rolling up his sleeves” and “working in the trenches” is where he is the most comfortable. Helping clients through the day to day issues related to the law, how you make a living and how you organize you and your family is where he shines.


Having acted for dozens of companies, whether big or small, in Southern Alberta over the past 40 some years has given Thiessen Law Group a unique experience that can be put to work for your company.  Consider adding us to your “success team”.
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Commercial & Farm

Having been involved in farm life, Randy understands the “business”.  Working on a farm is unlike many jobs where you can go home at five.  It “is home” thus requiring a certain kind of care in dealing with issues related to farm management.  As well, when you own your own business you cannot just “lock the doors at night and call it a day”.  We at Thiessen Law Group understand this reality and so do consider putting us on your team for your next transaction.
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Whether your selling, buying or refinancing your home is an exciting time but it can stressful.  When you think that your home is often your largest lifetime investment you certainly want your “ducks in a row”.  Randy and his team at Thiessen Law Group strive daily to make this process as straight forward and as seamless as possible.  Mis-steps can be costly and problematic and Thiessen Law Group understands that reality.  Our real estate team’s main objective is to avoid the problems resulting in pleasant closures to your sale, purchase or refinance.
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Managed Estates

Getting older is a fact of life and Thiessen Law Group has decided to address the issue of demographics in Canadian Society.  When you get older things don’t always work the way they did.  This is especially true if family lives elsewhere or are just too busy to deal with the day to day things like paying billing, balancing the bank account and making sure the rent is paid.  Everyone’s situation is different but the theme is the same “I sure could stand a little help”.   Thiessen Law Group is here to help so do give us a call.
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Wills & Estate Planning

As the old saying goes “fail to plan and that is what you get – failure”.  It is surprising how far a little planning goes and this is especially true in planning your estate. Whether it be a Personal Directive, an Enduring Power of Attorney or a Last Will and Testament – although the names sound daunting the process is not - just a little planning to give you peace of mind.
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Probate & Estates

Although not all estates need to be “probated” when they do and court certification is required, experience and knowing what you are doing goes a long way.  That is what we do at Thiessen Law Group so let us give you a hand in working through this rather daunting process.
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